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Hire Top Virtual Assistants and
Save by 70% Payroll Costs

Reduce the time and cost of managing your medical practice. Focus on quality patient care.

Our Core Values:

Let our VA experts help you!

  • Save Money
    Outsourcing some of your office work can save up to 70% of your employment costs. You have no office overhead.

  • Use Your Time Wisely
    Stop doing the daily task you shouldn’t be doing yourself.

  • Quality Patient Care
    Focus on quality patient care and give the rest to your MVA.

  • Off Workloads
    It will reduce your time, daily workloads, and the cost of managing employees.

Our Expertise

Virtual Medical Assistant

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Virtual Dental Assistant

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Virtual Mental Health Assistant

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Virtual Veterinary Assistant

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The security of the Patient Health Information of each patient is our top priority. It is required for every Virtual Medical Assistant to undergo training and comply with the HIPAA training requirements on Privacy and Security Protections.

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“MedStar has done a tremendous job in finding a virtual assistant for me. I started a new dental business in the US and needed help with answering phone calls, setting appointments and even social media management. Their attention to detail and ability to find and select the right candidates for the job is astounding. Without MedStar, my business would not survive! Thank you so much!”

Dr. Himank Gupta


“MedStar Virtual Assistant services help me run the practice like having another employee onsite. I save money on payroll having virtual biller and receptionist. My onsite office assistant and I focus much better on face-to-face patient care, while the VA is tasked with administrative work. I am satisfied with their service! Thank you, MedStar!”

Dr. Paul Chrzanowski


“MedStar helped us find a virtual assistant, Ericah, who helps us with everyday tasks like answering calls, verifying insurance, and even billing. Our company would not have experienced growth if it was not for Ericah. She is very reliable and very eager to learn. She started with no dental background, and she is now our main insurance coordinator. MedStar helps with training and calibration. MedStar is an amazing company, and we are very happy to work with them.”

Dr. Alvin Aquino


Why MedStar

Professional Credentials and Trainings

Our virtual assistants are bachelor's degree graduates of allied and non-allied healthcare courses based in the Philippines with sufficient knowledge and understanding of Medical Terminology, Practice Management Software, Basics of Medical Insurance, Communication Skills, Customer Service, HIPAA to achieve quality service.

From Train to Work

MedStar is an approved training provider in the US and the Philippines. Our Filipino graduates are trained and placed to work to become a US standard healthcare specialist:

• Certified Medical Office Administration
• Certified Billing and Coding Specialist
• Certified Professional Coder
• Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist

Account Support

We have our dedicated team and an account manager assigned to your account to communicate with you every step of the way.

HIPAA Compliant

We apply maximum protection and important practices about the privacy of the Patient Health Information (PHI) to meet set security measures, protocols, and standards.

Worker’s Commitment

Our virtual assistants are committed to work in a long-term relationship, see consistent performance, and to maintain productive work environment.

Our Community Services

MedStar supports the “In Christ Alone Ministry”, a duly organized non-profit organization under Philippine laws, primarily created to provide medical insurance, create livelihood, and evangelistic support programs to help elevate the lives of the ministers.