Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

A:  Our Virtual Assistants are bachelor’s degree graduates of allied and non-allied healthcare courses based in the Philippines. They are highly qualified remote staff that can streamline various tasks for you and your business, full-time or part-time schedules. They free up more time, allowing you to focus on growing your business. They are cost- effective staffing solutions for companies of all sizes and across many industries. Our talented VAs are willing to perform the assigned task depending on the employer’s specific needs.
A: Our Virtual Assistants are four-year course graduates and have undergone training before they are deployed for work. Our Founder, who bears special pride in her Filipino roots, is a healthcare trainer who provides them with proprietary training to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding of Medical Terminology, Practice Management Software, Basics of Medical Insurance, HIPAA, Communication Skills, and Customer Service to provide the possible service to our clients. We have our dedicated team and an account manager assigned to your account to communicate with you every step of the way.
A: You have no office overhead. You can use your time wisely by stopping doing the daily task you shouldn't be doing yourself. You can focus on quality patient care and give the rest to your virtual assistant. Outsourcing some of your office work can save up to 70% of your employment costs and reduce your time, daily workloads, and the cost of managing employees.

A. MedStar is an approved training provider in the US and the Philippines. Our Filipino graduates are trained and placed to work to become US standard healthcare specialists such as:

• Certified Medical Office Administration

• Certified Billing and Coding Specialist

• Certified Professional Coder

• Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist

The security of the Patient Health Information of each patient is our top priority. It is required for every Virtual Medical Assistant to undergo training and comply with the HIPAA training requirements on Privacy and Security Protection. We have dedicated
compliance officers who strictly maintain the implementation of HIPAA . 

Our VAs are bound by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the Philippines. A non-disclosure agreement specific to your business must be signed by our VAs if needed. We have a dedicated IT Compliance Officer that ensures the VAs’ devices for the security and protection of the patient’s health information are secured. We also include the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement that the clients and we sign if they are ready to hire a Virtual Assistant from MedStar.

Our pricing is very competitive. We aim to provide quality service. Our rate depends on the skills and experience of our talents. We love our virtual assistants to be well compensated to keep them committed. This is a successful experience for both our
virtual assistants and our clients. You can save thousands of dollars in your monthly payroll and enjoy our client-exclusive benefits.

Our clients pay us hourly based on the time rendered by the virtual assistant.

Contact us and request pricing.

  • Landline Number: (646) 244-6601
  • Email: judilyn@medstarbillingtech.com

All our virtual assistants are from the Philippines. Most Filipinos have been speaking English almost their whole life. The Philippines is the second most proficient in English in Asia and 18th worldwide. This means they can understand instructions and manage complex tasks for you. 

There is no doubt that hiring a Filipino VA is an ideal way for businesses to improve and expand. They can understand you well and establish trust and great respect with their clients. You get quality service that you pay for, and you can guarantee success when you hire a Filipino VA.

You can get started as soon as you are ready with these steps:

  • Tell us about your office needs
  • We will match it with our highly qualified Virtual Assistant
  • Virtually interview your qualified applicant
  • Meet your dedicated client support group
  • Set an official start date